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SX ED Living a Dream ~ Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren SX Education

- Monster Energy Supercross 2015 -Dianna Dahlgren as Miss Supercross

Administrator: Erik Coleman

Supercross Season Opener January, 3rd 2015

-SX Ed- 

Featuring Miss Supercross 

Dianna Dahlgren 

   Dianna Dahlgren started modeling at the age of 13 years old. She was scouted by a modeling manager and shortly thereafter signed a modeling contract. Dianna held off on modeling until she was 18. Once she became 'legal' and was no longer considered “Jail Bait” Dianna pursued her modeling career again. She modeled for Clothing companies, Lingerie designers and many fitness/fashion Bikini Brands. At age 19 she began working as a company spokes model for companies like Budweiser, Monster Energy, and Toyo Tires. Dianna was extremely successful in the IFBB Pro Bikini Competition as well landing countless modeling opportunities, for example: Dianna Dahlgren made Magazine Covers such as Fitness RX, Muscle and Fitness Hers, FLEX Magazine, just to name a few. Dianna is the reigning Miss Supercross and has yet to have any contenders. Dianna Dahlgren will be found each weekend LIVE on FOX Sports 1 at all FIM, Monster Energy AMA Supercross events. She is the blonde holding the 30 second board before the gates drop. Also acting as #SupercrossLIVE Social Media Correspondent Dianna is bringing you the best tweets and photos from fans across the world. She is motivated, self-driven, and fit.  Dianna dubs herself a “badass and is always finding new ways to better herself and others around her. 

Dianna Dahlgren SX ED - Episode: #6
Dianna Dahlgren SX ED - Episode: #5
Dianna Dahlgren SX ED - Episode: #4
Golfing never looked so good! Miss Supercross seems to look good in any sport. Personally I enjoy seeing her hold that 30 Second board. When you see the gate drop just know Dianna Dahlgren will be waiting at the podium. This is the road to success. 

Ft. Miss Supercross, Dianna Dahlgren.
  Monster Energy ~ AMA ~ Supercross is an FIM World National Championship series taking place in the United States and other FIM MX (motocross) friendly countries. Supercross is basically an off-road racing competition staged inside a  Baseball or football stadium that seats more than 40,000+ screaming spectators and fans! 
Now Imagine 40,000+ individuals standing up cheering to the point where you lose our own voice; stomping, shouting, shaking the stadium beneath your very  own feet. I imagine being a new spectator to the sport of Monster Energy AMA Supercross would be at aw in the glory each champion  underneath the neon lights an experience of a lifetime; the yelling, whistling, clapping, the pure joy and excitement in hope the man/woman in the seat next to you has for a chance to cheer  for their favorite athlete to WIN. he stadium begins  Sections of whoops 3 feet tall, 40-60 foot triple and double jumps are sculpted into ton after ton after ton of dirt; these once as an artist  by motocross industry legends. Widely regarded as the king of extreme sports, AMA Supercross is considered the NASCAR of motocross. Some of the world's greatest athletes compete in what has been described as the most physically demanding sport in existence. Top Supercross riders Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey and more battle it out for the 2014 AMA Supercross crown.
Miss Supercross
  Featuring - Miss Supercross
Dianna Dahlgren 
Season 3, 2015
Miss Supercross 
Dianna Dahlgren Biography
Name: Dianna Dahlgren
Birth Date: February 4th 1990
Height: 5' 8"
Place of Birth: Fallbrook, CA
Place of Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Type of Music: Everything!! Rap, rock, metal, pop, country
Favorite Movies: Wedding Crashers, Old School, A Night at the Roxbury
Favorite Actor/Actress: Vince Vaughn! His sarcasm is the best!!
Favorite Food: I love pizza and a huge salad! Yum!!
Favorite Book: I'm into reading health books! Anything about health!
Monster Energy® Supercross can be seen on FOX Sports.
Dianna Dahlgren SX ED - Episode: #3
Dianna Dahlgren SX ED - Episode: #2
Dianna Dahlgren SX ED - Episode: #1
Miss Supercoss SX ED Season 3 Teaser.

Monster Energy® AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the premier off-road motorcycle racing circuit in the world, produced inside the world's most elite stadiums. Monster Energy® Supercross tracks are man-made inside the stadium. Some of the sport's marquee names include Chad Reed, James Stewart and former supercross greats Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael. Regarded as the king of action sports, supercross has been described as one of the most physically demanding sports in the world.

FIM AMA Monster Energy Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren
Since Ricky Carmichael rode into the scene at the start of the early 2000's, the riders competing in Monster Energy Supercross emerged into one of the most respected sports you can do as an athlete on this planet. Approaching the 2015 Supercross season you can expect the path to success will be more challenging than ever.

Supercross: Behind the Dream - Episode 1

Episode: #1
Supercross: Behind the Dream follows the challenging, heartbreaking, and often inspiring journeys of the sport's biggest names like reigning three-time champion Ryan Villopoto and his longtime rival Ryan Dungey, highly regarded rookies Ken Roczen and Adam Cianciarulo, in addition to stars of the future like Jordon Smith. The pursuit of success is relentless in today's era, widely considered the most competitive of all time, and the struggles that come with the competing at the elite level are documented in the series.

Episode: #2
Pro Circuit Team Owner - Mitch Payton
Newbies - Adam Cianciarulo and Jordon Smith
Young Guns - Dean Wilson and Wil Hahn

After following the sometimes-arduous path to success for riders like three-time defending champion Ryan Villopoto, former champion Ryan Dungey, rookie star Ken Roczen, and up-and-coming youngsters Adam Cianciarulo and Jordon Smith in its first episode, Supercross: Behind the Dream shifts its focus to a pair of promising young riders and their journey. Both Dean Wilson and Wil Hahn have experienced success at the sport’s highest level, but their progression to the top couldn’t be more different.

Since entering the professional ranks in 2010, Wilson has been a rider to watch following a successful amateur career. A native of Scotland, who grew up in Canada, Wilson’s story was one that drew the attention of both the media and the industry as his family showed a willingness to sacrifice everything for Dean and his dream.

In 2011, Wilson began to realize his potential and was well on his way to becoming one of the sport’s biggest names. However, while battling for the Western Regional 250SX Class Championship in 2012, Wilson suffered an injury that would set off a string of heartbreaking moments that left him on the sidelines more than on the track for the next full season. Rejuvenated and more motivated than ever, Wilson has returned for the 2014 season in full health with his sights set on his first Monster Energy Supercross title. After a slow start to the season, Wilson has emerged as one of the hottest riders in the Western Regional 250SX Class, culminating with his first win of the season at the third race in Anaheim, Calif.

For Hahn, his journey to the pinnacle of the sport has been a patient one. Turning pro in 2008, Hahn waited three seasons before receiving the best opportunity of his career at GEICO Honda. While he himself battled through injuries and consistency out on the track, Hahn’s determination for success never wavered and after five full seasons of competition, he was able to win his first career 250SX Class Main Event in 2013 and carried the momentum to his first career Eastern Regional 250SX Class title. With years of experience and tremendous confidence working in his favor, Hahn entered the premier 450SX Class this season and has made consistent progress through the first quarter of the championship.

Episode: #3
Featuring: AMA World Champion Jeff Emig

   Today’s riders must work just as hard off the track as they do on it and after years of coming close, both Cole Seely and Jason Anderson are finally in a position to earn a long awaited championship. This duo has consistently stood above the rest in the Western Regional 250SX Class Championship in 2014, but it took a few years of shortcomings, hard luck, and doubt to forge a mental toughness that has allowed both riders to become title hopefuls.
   Since making his move into the premier 450SX Class on the heels of a Western Regional 250SX Class title in 2011, Jake Weimer has battled to make the most out of his opportunity to ride for a factory team at Monster Energy Kawasaki. Racing under the shadow of defending three-time Monster Energy Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto since joining the team, Weimer has experienced the harsh ups and downs of the sport while his teammate and friend has emerged as the sport’s most dominant figure. In need of a fresh start, Weimer has gotten married and established his own routine in hopes of achieving the success he’s worked so hard to obtain during a contract year.
Reed has already established himself as one of the greatest riders in the history of the sport and carries the distinction of being the most successful international rider of all time, but the Australian endured his toughest season in 2013, both physically and mentally, forcing critics to suggest he should retire at age 31. With his own name at stake at TwoTwo Motorsports, Reed refused to quit and entered the 2014 with arguably more motivation and preparation than ever before. His rejuvenated outlook on racing made age nothing but a number as Reed set out to prove he’s still got what it takes to be considered the best in the world.


Episode: #4

Episode: #5
Episode: #6

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